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Few updates later

written by Two Buttons on 2023-11-23

It has not yet been two weeks since Take the King! has been available, and the updates are already following one another!

Here is a brief overview of all the changes since launch...


Take the King! launch trailer

written by Two Buttons on 2023-10-24

The release of Take the King! is fast approaching! A new symbolic step is taken today with the release of the launch trailer. I hope you will enjoy it, and that it will give you a good overview of the game!

And, remember to wishlist the game on Steam ! 😉


Postponement of the release date

written by Two Buttons on 2023-10-16

Dear community,

As a few more days are necessary for the finalization Take the King!, the release has been postponed by 10 days to November 10th.

I offer my most sincere apologies for this delay, and I'll see you in a few days for the game's trailer.


Take the King! is on Steam

written by Two Buttons on 2023-10-08

A new symbolic milestone has just been reached. The Steam page for Take the King! has been validated and published this weekend.

Take the King! is a solo puzzle game based on chess. The player's objective is to solve puzzles resembling chess problems, but while the pieces behave in a classic manner, the chessboard is far from standard and is filled with special squares and variations.


Our official website is live

written by Two Buttons on 2023-09-22

I am very proud to announce the launch of our official website. This website will be the online showcase for our young studio, our games and our activities. One good news often hiding another, I am happy to announce the upcoming release of our first game!

Take the King! is a puzzle game inspired by chess. It will be available at the end of October on PC and in early November on mobile devices.